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Don’t know how to fish? This is the place to learn how to catch bass and improve your skills. 

By Keith Sutton

Before you go fishing, it’s important to know if you want to eat any fish you catch. If you do, there are things you should do before leaving home.

By Nationwide

An affordable nautical adventure awaits!Have you always dreamed of buying your own boat? While it’s a romantic and exciting notion, you need to understand what the required investment of…

By Nationwide

There’s nothing quite like spending the day on your boat with family and friends. Just be sure safety is foremost in your mind. From must-have safety gear to how to safely operate a boat, check out…

By Keith Sutton

To coax a fish to bite, you need something on your line that gets the fish’s attention — live bait and artificial lures do just that, but how do you know which will work best?

By Brandon Cobb

A guide to help recreational anglers sort through the complexities of modern bass fishing.

By Keith Sutton

Different combinations of hooks, sinkers and bobbers can be used to catch all kinds of fish, but first you should learn some basic facts about each.

By Justin Brouillard

What sets it apart? The Rapala 25-pound Mechanical Scale is perfect to have in that beginner tacklebox. The ability to have both a scale and a tape measure in one small unit will ensure you…

By Keith Sutton

For people just learning to fish, purchasing an easy-to-use spinning or spincast combo is a good way to start.

By David Hunter Jones

If it isn’t flat out frigid in your region, then no doubt you’ve had a few cold fronts move through. Ideally, you’d wait until the front passed before getting back on the water, but sometimes cold…

By Justin Brouillard

What sets it apart? Young and new anglers need equipment and tackle that is easy to use, and that will work to catch fish. A good hook, in the correct size, and the ability…

Michigan Bassmaster Elite Series pro Garrett Paquette is about to fill this flat tacklebox with a killer selection of baits for beginners.

By Justin Brouillard

What sets it apart? The Zebco rod-and-reel combos have been a staple for teaching kids and beginners how to fish since 1959. Since then, some 60 years later, the new versions have been…

By Pete Robbins

Skipping a jig with baitcasting equipment is not easy. But learning this trick — and knowing exactly where to employ it — will make you a more successful bass angler.

By David Fritts

I’ve been around this bass fishing thing for while now, and I’ve learned a few things I want to share with new anglers. You should start slow and build on your experiences. Read our columns but…

Elite pro Keith Combs with the tacklebox he will fill with a basic arsenal of baits for beginning bass anglers.


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