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In a flash, your fishing line tightens. You set the hook, your rod dips and the fight is on. Within seconds, there’s a flash of green and a bass leaps out of the water.

Whether you’re out to hook bass from the end of a dock or a tournament angler looking for a new challenge, bass are abundant in Minnesota. You’ll find surprisingly nice-sized fish that compare favorably to states farther south in just about any area of Minnesota – both in big lakes and small, out-of-the-way haunts.

From canoeing in remote Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness to power-boating across our north central lakes to finding the right eddies and pools in a number of rivers, Minnesota makes it easy to find a great day of bass fishing.

Where to fish

Bass anglers are at home in Minnesota, where fishing is bigger than Paul Bunyan. Big or small, popular or off-the-radar, there’s no need to choose just one. You’ll find excellent bass fishing north, south, east and west.

More than 2,000 Minnesota lakes support self-sustaining largemouth bass populations. More than 500 support smallmouth bass. And don’t forget rivers like the Mississippi, St. Croix, Red Lake, Zumbro and Cloquet.

Spring and fall are good times to fish the shallows for bass, while deeper water is better during summer heat. Weedlines and structure such as logs, tree branches dipping into the water and boulders are excellent spots to try.

What to pack

In Minnesota, the fishing’s always on, but be prepared for any type of weather, from heat to snow depending on the season.

Many anglers find that using strong rods with heavy line helps to quickly reel in bass that might otherwise get tangled in aquatic plants.

As for bait, live and artificial both work. Next to panfish, bass can be the next easiest fish to catch, but catching them consistently takes skill and knowledge.

Bass are a great sportfish. They can be good eating but many anglers are out there to relax and enjoy nature, for a sense of accomplishment, and to share the good times with others.

When can I fish?

Anglers can fish for smallmouth and largemouth bass starting each year on same day as the walleye and northern pike fishing opener. On that day, an early bass harvest season opens north and east of U.S. Highway 53 from Duluth to International Falls (red area), and in the rest of the state (green area) there is a catch-and-release bass season that runs from the regular harvest season until late May.

In the fall, smallmouth bass fishing is catch-and-release only in most of the state (green area). For more details on seasons and special regulations for individual waters, see Fish Minnesota.


Hot Spots

Lake Minnetonka – The lake’s name comes from the Dakota expression meaning great water. Great bass fishing abounds in this metropolitan area lake’s many connected bays.

Mille Lacs Lake – Two hours north of the Twin Cities, you’ll find Minnesota’s second largest lake. Walleye made it famous but trophy smallmouth abound.

Leech Lake – Shallow, heavy cover and tough braided line are the keys to largemouth in the many bays of this north central Minnesota lake.

Rainy Lake – Fish smallmouth in the darker water in the south arm early and the clearer water in the north arm late.

Mississippi River – Try almost any pool along the Minnesota-Wisconsin border. Farther upriver, look for deep eddies and any kind of structure, and you’ll likely find a smallie.

Green Lake – Look for rocks scattered along the sandy shorelines of this western Minnesota lake. Fish those dark spots for lurking smallmouth.

Lake Vermilion – Smallmouth aren’t a surprise in this lake on the edge of the BWCAW, where smallmouth were first introduced in the late 1800s. But don’t be surprised with a largemouth on the end of your line.

See The Pros

A number of Minnesota communities host bass fishing tournaments. Learn by seeing the pros up close or testing your skills as a competitor.

Find A Bass Lake

The expandable map on the right shows all the lakes where bass have been found during fish population surveys. Select a lake below for details.

Aaron in Douglas CountyAchman in Stearns CountyAcorn in Becker CountyAda in Cass CountyAdley in Otter Tail CountyAdney in Crow Wing CountyAerie in St. Louis CountyAgnes in Douglas CountyAhsub in Lake CountyAitkin in Aitkin CountyAlbert in Wright CountyAlbert Lea in Freeborn CountyAlden in St. Louis CountyAlder in Cook CountyAlexander in Morrison CountyAlice in Cass CountyAlice in Hubbard CountyAlice in Itasca CountyAlice in Washington CountyAlimagnet in Dakota CountyAllen in Cook CountyAllie in Renville CountyAlott in Morrison CountyAlpine in Cook CountyAlton in Cook CountyAmber in Martin CountyAmelia in Pope CountyAnderson in Itasca CountyAnderson in Otter Tail CountyAndrew in Douglas CountyAndrew in Kandiyohi CountyAndrusia in Beltrami CountyAnka in Douglas CountyAnn in Carver CountyAnn in Kanabec CountyAnn in Pope CountyAnn in Sherburne CountyAnn in Wright CountyAnna in Otter Tail CountyAnne in St. Louis CountyAnnie Battle in Otter Tail CountyAntler in Itasca CountyArmstrong in St. Louis CountyArrowhead in Crow Wing CountyArrowhead in Itasca CountyArthur in St. Louis CountyArtichoke in Big Stone CountyArvilla in Meeker CountyAsh in St. Louis CountyAspen in Cook CountyAuburn in Carver CountyAugusta in Wright CountyAuto in St. Louis CountyBaby in Cass CountyBachelor in Aitkin CountyBad Axe in Hubbard CountyBad Medicine in Becker CountyBadger in Polk CountyBagley in Clearwater CountyBald Eagle in Ramsey CountyBaldwin in Dakota CountyBall Bluff in Aitkin CountyBall Club in Itasca CountyBallantyne in Blue Earth CountyBalm in Beltrami CountyBalsam in Itasca CountyBan in St. Louis CountyBang in Carlton CountyBarbour in Crow Wing CountyBarker in Cook CountyBarnesville in Clay CountyBarnum in Cass CountyBarrett in Grant CountyBarrs in St. Louis CountyBass in Aitkin CountyBass in Aitkin CountyBass in Aitkin CountyBass in Aitkin CountyBass in Becker CountyBass in Becker CountyBass in Cass CountyBass in Cass CountyBass in Crow Wing CountyBass in Crow Wing CountyBass in Faribault CountyBass in Itasca CountyBass in Itasca CountyBass in Kandiyohi CountyBass in Mahnomen CountyBass in Otter Tail CountyBass in Pine CountyBass in Pine CountyBass in St. Louis CountyBass in St. Louis CountyBass in St. Louis CountyBass in Todd CountyBass in Todd CountyBass in Wright CountyBassett in St. Louis CountyBasswood in Lake CountyBattle in Itasca CountyBattle Creek in Washington CountyBavaria in Carver CountyBaxter in Isanti CountyBay in Crow Wing CountyBean in Cottonwood CountyBear in Aitkin CountyBear in Carlton CountyBear in Itasca CountyBear in Lake CountyBear in Otter Tail CountyBear Creek Reservoir in Olmsted CountyBear Head in St. Louis CountyBear Island in St. Louis CountyBearskin in Cook CountyBeast in St. Louis CountyBeatrice in Itasca CountyBeauty in Hubbard CountyBeauty in Itasca CountyBeauty in Todd CountyBeaver in Ramsey CountyBeaver in Stearns CountyBeaver in Steele CountyBeaver Hut in Lake CountyBecker in Stearns CountyBeebe in Wright CountyBeers in Otter Tail CountyBelle Lake in Meeker CountyBelle Taine in Hubbard CountyBello in Itasca CountyBelmont in Otter Tail CountyBeltrami in Beltrami CountyBemidji (main lake) in Beltrami CountyBenedict in Hubbard CountyBenezie in Lake CountyBennett in Ramsey CountyBenton in Lincoln CountyBerg in St. Louis CountyBergen in St. Louis CountyBertha in Crow Wing CountyBetty in Meeker CountyBeuber in Cass CountyBig in Beltrami CountyBig in Carlton CountyBig in Sherburne CountyBig in St. Louis CountyBig in Stearns CountyBig in Todd CountyBig Bass in Hubbard CountyBig Bass (east basin) in Beltrami CountyBig Birch in Todd CountyBig Carnelian in Washington CountyBig Cormorant in Becker CountyBig Deep in Cass CountyBig Dick in Itasca CountyBig Fish in Stearns CountyBig Island in Itasca CountyBig Kandiyohi in Kandiyohi CountyBig LaSalle in Clearwater CountyBig Marine in Washington CountyBig McCarthy in Itasca CountyBig McDonald in Otter Tail CountyBig McDonald #2 in Otter Tail CountyBig Moose in St. Louis CountyBig Ole in Itasca CountyBig Pine in Aitkin CountyBig Pine in Otter Tail CountyBig Pine in Pine CountyBig Portage in Cass CountyBig Rice in Beltrami CountyBig Sand in Cass CountyBig Sand in Hubbard CountyBig Sandy in Aitkin CountyBig Slough in Pine CountyBig Spunk in Stearns CountyBig Stone in Big Stone CountyBig Stone NWR East Pool in Lac Qui Parle CountyBig Stony in Hubbard CountyBig Sucker in Itasca CountyBig Sugar Bush in Becker CountyBig Swan in Meeker CountyBig Swan in Todd CountyBig Too Much in Itasca CountyBig Trout in Crow Wing CountyBig Twin in Martin CountyBig Watab in Stearns CountyBigsby in Cook CountyBijou in Becker CountyBingham in Cottonwood CountyBirch in Aitkin CountyBirch in Cass CountyBirch in Cook CountyBirch in Lake CountyBirch in Sherburne CountyBirch in St. Louis CountyBirch in Wright CountyBird’s Eye in Itasca CountyBlack in Wright CountyBlack Bass in Mille Lacs CountyBlack Bear in Crow Wing CountyBlack Duck in St. Louis CountyBlack Hoof in Crow Wing CountyBlack Oak in Stearns CountyBlackduck in Beltrami CountyBlackhawk in Dakota CountyBlackhoof in Carlton CountyBlackwater in Cass CountyBlackwater in Itasca CountyBlackwell in Douglas CountyBlackwood in St. Louis CountyBlanche in Otter Tail CountyBlandin in Itasca CountyBlind in Aitkin CountyBlind in Cass CountyBlock in Otter Tail CountyBlue in Aitkin CountyBlue in Hubbard CountyBlue in Isanti CountyBlueberry in Becker CountyBlueberry in Wadena CountyBluebill in Itasca CountyBluewater in Itasca CountyBob in Carlton CountyBoedigheimer in Otter Tail CountyBolfing in Stearns CountyBone in Washington CountyBonnie in Crow Wing CountyBoot in Aitkin CountyBoot in Becker CountyBorden in Crow Wing CountyBouder in Cook CountyBoulder in Hubbard CountyBowen in Cass CountyBower in Itasca CountyBowstring in Itasca CountyBoxell in Cass CountyBoy in Cass CountyBoyer in Becker CountyBrackett in Otter Tail CountyBrawner in Lyon CountyBray in Itasca CountyBriggs in Sherburne CountyBronson in Kittson CountyBrooks in Wright CountyBrophy in Douglas CountyBrown in Aitkin CountyBrownie in Hennepin CountyBrule in Cook CountyBrush in Hubbard CountyBryant in Hennepin CountyBuchanan in Otter Tail CountyBuck in Itasca CountyBuck in Todd CountyBuckeye Pit in Itasca CountyBudd in Martin CountyBuffalo in Becker CountyBuffalo in Wright CountyBurandt in Carver CountyBurgen in Douglas CountyBurns in Itasca CountyBurnt Shanty in Itasca CountyBurntside in St. Louis CountyBurrows in Itasca CountyBush in Hennepin CountyBusties in Itasca CountyButton Box in Itasca CountyByllesby in Dakota CountyCache in Lake CountyCadotte in St. Louis CountyCalhoun in Hennepin CountyCalhoun in Kandiyohi CountyCameron in Koochiching CountyCameron in St. Louis CountyCamp in Aitkin CountyCamp in Crow Wing CountyCamp in Sherburne CountyCamp in Swift CountyCamp in Wright CountyCampbell in Beltrami CountyCannon in Rice CountyCantlin in Sherburne CountyCaribou in Cook CountyCaribou in Cook CountyCaribou in Itasca CountyCaribou in St. Louis CountyCarlos in Douglas CountyCarnelian in Stearns CountyCaroline in Wright CountyCarrie in Kandiyohi CountyCarver in Washington CountyCasey in Crow Wing CountyCass in Beltrami CountyCat in Lake CountyCavanaugh in Itasca CountyCedar in Aitkin CountyCedar in Aitkin CountyCedar in Cass CountyCedar in Hennepin CountyCedar in Hubbard CountyCedar in Lake CountyCedar in McLeod CountyCedar in Morrison CountyCedar in Rice CountyCedar in Scott CountyCedar in Stearns CountyCedar in Todd CountyCedar in Wright CountyCedar in Wright CountyCedar Island in Stearns CountyCenterville in Anoka CountyChamberlin in Aitkin CountyChamplin Mill in Hennepin CountyChant in St. Louis CountyCharley in Ramsey CountyCharlotte in Todd CountyCharlotte in Wright CountyChase in Itasca CountyChild in Cass CountyChippewa in Douglas CountyChisago in Chisago CountyChristina in Douglas CountyChristmas in Hennepin CountyChub in Carlton CountyChurch in Carver CountyChurch in Mahnomen CountyCircle in Rice CountyClamshell in Crow Wing CountyClark in Crow Wing CountyClear in Aitkin CountyClear in Brown CountyClear in Crow Wing CountyClear in Itasca CountyClear in Jackson CountyClear in Koochiching CountyClear in Lake CountyClear in Le Sueur CountyClear in Lyon CountyClear in Martin CountyClear in Meeker CountyClear in Otter Tail CountyClear in Pine CountyClear in Sherburne CountyClear in St. Louis CountyClear in Stearns CountyClear in Waseca CountyClear in Washington CountyClear in Washington CountyClearwater in Beltrami CountyClearwater in Cook CountyClearwater in Crow Wing CountyClearwater in Wright CountyCleary in Scott CountyClinker in Crow Wing CountyClitherall in Otter Tail CountyClose in Pine CountyClub West in Anoka CountyClubhouse in Itasca CountyCoal in Todd CountyCobblestone in Dakota CountyCody in Rice CountyCoe in St. Louis CountyCoffee in Carlton CountyCokato in Wright CountyColby in St. Louis CountyColby in Washington CountyCole in Carlton CountyCollinwood in Wright CountyComfort in Chisago CountyComo in Ramsey CountyConchu in Lake CountyConnors in Itasca CountyConstance in Wright CountyCook in Douglas CountyCooks in St. Louis CountyCoon in Aitkin CountyCoon in Anoka CountyCoon in Hubbard CountyCoon-Sandwick in Itasca CountyCotton in Becker CountyCottonwood in Cottonwood CountyCottonwood in Grant CountyCottonwood in Lyon CountyCourthouse in Carver CountyCowdry (PWI) in Douglas CountyCox in Clearwater CountyCrab in Cook CountyCrab in St. Louis CountyCrane in St. Louis CountyCrawford in Wright CountyCrescent in Cook CountyCrooked in Anoka CountyCrooked in Cass CountyCrooked in Crow Wing CountyCrooked in Douglas CountyCrooked in Itasca CountyCrooked in Lake CountyCrooked in Lake CountyCrooked in St. Louis CountyCrooked in Stearns CountyCrookneck in Morrison CountyCrosby in Ramsey CountyCross in Pine CountyCross in Polk CountyCross Lake Reservoir in Crow Wing CountyCrow Wing in Crow Wing CountyCrystal in Cass CountyCrystal in Dakota CountyCrystal in Hennepin CountyCrystal in Otter Tail CountyCrystal in Polk CountyCrystal in Scott CountyCut Foot Sioux in Itasca CountyDaggett in Crow Wing CountyDago in Pine CountyDam in Aitkin CountyDam Five in Lake CountyDaniels in Cook CountyDans in Wright CountyDark in Koochiching CountyDark in St. Louis CountyDarling in Douglas CountyDay in Itasca CountyDayton Hollow Reservoir in Otter Tail CountyDead in Hubbard CountyDead in Otter Tail CountyDead Coon (Main Lake) in Lincoln CountyDead Horse in Itasca CountyDean in Wright CountyDeep in Clearwater CountyDeep in Lake CountyDeep in Ramsey CountyDeep in St. Louis CountyDeep Portage in Cass CountyDeer in Beltrami CountyDeer in Hubbard CountyDeer in Itasca CountyDeer in Itasca CountyDeer in Otter Tail CountyDeer in Wright CountyDel Clark in Yellow Medicine CountyDelay in Lake CountyDellwater in Beltrami CountyDeMontreville in Washington CountyDetroit in Becker CountyDevil Track in Cook CountyDevilfish in Cook CountyDevils in Douglas CountyDevils in Otter Tail CountyDevils Elbow in Cook CountyDewey in St. Louis CountyDiamond in Aitkin CountyDiamond in Kandiyohi CountyDick in Cook CountyDinham in St. Louis CountyDinner in Becker CountyDinner Pail in Itasca CountyDisappointment in Lake CountyDixon in Itasca CountyDock in Itasca CountyDodo in St. Louis CountyDog in Wright CountyDogfish in Aitkin CountyDolney in Crow Wing CountyDonalds in Otter Tail CountyDora in Le Sueur CountyDouble in Cottonwood CountyDouglas in Aitkin CountyDower in Todd CountyDragon in Lake CountyDuck in Blue Earth CountyDuck in Hubbard CountyDuck in Itasca CountyDumbbell in Lake CountyDunbar in Itasca CountyDuncan in Cook CountyDunnigan in Lake CountyDunns in Meeker CountyDutch in Hennepin CountyDutch in Wright CountyEagle in Becker CountyEagle in Blue Earth CountyEagle in Carlton CountyEagle in Carver CountyEagle in Crow Wing CountyEagle in Hennepin CountyEagle in Hubbard CountyEagle in Itasca CountyEagle in Kandiyohi CountyEagle in Otter Tail CountyEagle in Sherburne CountyEagle in Wright CountyEagles Nest #1 in St. Louis CountyEagles Nest #2 in St. Louis CountyEagles Nest #3 in St. Louis CountyEagles Nest No. Four in St. Louis CountyEast Battle in Otter Tail CountyEast Bearskin in Cook CountyEast Boot in Washington CountyEast Chub in Lake CountyEast Crooked in Hubbard CountyEast Fox in Crow Wing CountyEast Graham in Nobles CountyEast Hunter in Sherburne CountyEast Jefferson in Le Sueur CountyEast LaBelle in Becker CountyEast Lake Sylvia in Wright CountyEast Leaf in Otter Tail CountyEast Loon in Otter Tail CountyEast Lost in Otter Tail CountyEast Moore in Anoka CountyEast Pike in Cook CountyEast Pope in Cook CountyEast Rush in Chisago CountyEast Side in Mower CountyEast Silent in Otter Tail CountyEast Smith in Itasca CountyEast Solomon in Kandiyohi CountyEast Spirit in Otter Tail CountyEast Twin in Anoka CountyEast Twin in Crow Wing CountyEast Twin in Lyon CountyEast Twin in St. Louis CountyEast Vadnais in Ramsey CountyEcho in Carlton CountyEcho in St. Louis CountyEd Shave in St. Louis CountyEddy in Carlton CountyEden in Stearns CountyEdna in Crow Wing CountyEdward in Crow Wing CountyEighth Crow Wing in Hubbard CountyElbow in Becker CountyElbow in Otter Tail CountyElbow in St. Louis CountyElbow in St. Louis CountyElephant in St. Louis CountyEleven in Kanabec CountyEleven in Pine CountyEleventh Crow Wing in Hubbard CountyElizabeth (Main Lake) in Kandiyohi CountyElk in Clearwater CountyElk in Grant CountyElk in Sherburne CountyElk in Sherburne CountyElkhorn in Kandiyohi CountyElla in Kandiyohi CountyEllingson in Otter Tail CountyElliot in St. Louis CountyElm Island in Aitkin CountyElmo in Washington CountyElms in Isanti CountyEly in St. Louis CountyElysian (Upper – u/s dam) in Waseca CountyEmbarrass in St. Louis CountyEmber in Wright CountyEmily in Crow Wing CountyEmily in Le Sueur CountyEmily in Pope CountyEmma in Hubbard CountyEmma in Wright CountyEnsign in Lake CountyErie in Meeker CountyEsquagamah in Aitkin CountyEthel in Otter Tail CountyEunice in Becker CountyEverett in St. Louis CountyEvergreen in Hubbard CountyFairy in Todd CountyFalk in Clearwater CountyFall in Lake CountyFannie in Isanti CountyFarm in Lake CountyFarm Island in Aitkin CountyFawn in Anoka CountyFawn in Crow Wing CountyFawn in Todd CountyFedji in Watonwan CountyFenske in St. Louis CountyFifteen in Clay CountyFifth Crow Wing in Hubbard CountyFiremen’s Clayhole in Carver CountyFirst in Pine CountyFirst in Wright CountyFirst Crow Wing in Hubbard CountyFirst Fulda in Murray CountyFirst Silver in Otter Tail CountyFish in Chisago CountyFish in Dakota CountyFish in Hennepin CountyFish in Jackson CountyFish in Kanabec CountyFish in Le Sueur CountyFish in Otter Tail CountyFish in Otter Tail CountyFish in Otter Tail CountyFish in Pine CountyFish in Scott CountyFish in Wright CountyFish Hook in Hubbard CountyFish Lake Flowage in St. Louis CountyFish Trap in Morrison CountyFiske in Otter Tail CountyFive in Kanabec CountyFive Island in Itasca CountyFive Point in Cass CountyFladmark in Otter Tail CountyFleming in Aitkin CountyFloodwood in St. Louis CountyFlorida in Kandiyohi CountyFlour in Cook CountyFlowage in St. Louis CountyFloyd in Becker CountyFogard in Otter Tail CountyFond du Lac Reservoir in Carlton CountyFoot in Kandiyohi CountyForest in Itasca CountyForest in Washington CountyForsythe in Itasca CountyFoster-Arend in Olmsted CountyFountain in Freeborn CountyFour in Aitkin CountyFourth Crow Wing in Hubbard CountyFox in Becker CountyFox in Martin CountyFox in Pine CountyFox in Rice CountyFrances in Le Sueur CountyFrancis in Isanti CountyFrancis in Meeker CountyFranklin in Otter Tail CountyFreeborn in Douglas CountyFremont in Sherburne CountyFrench in Aitkin CountyFrench in McLeod CountyFrench in Rice CountyFrench in Wright CountyFrog in Lake CountyFrontenac in Goodhue CountyFrontenac in Hubbard CountyFrying Pan in St. Louis CountyFuller in Todd CountyGadbolt in Cass CountyGames in Kandiyohi CountyGarden in Lake CountyGarfield in Hubbard CountyGe-Be-On-Equat in St. Louis CountyGegoka in Lake CountyGeneva in Douglas CountyGeorge in Anoka CountyGeorge in Blue Earth CountyGeorge in Hubbard CountyGeorge in Kandiyohi CountyGeorge in Martin CountyGeorge in St. Louis CountyGeorge in Stearns CountyGerman in Le Sueur CountyGerman in Otter Tail CountyGervais in Ramsey CountyGilbert in Crow Wing CountyGilbert in Douglas CountyGilchrist in Pope CountyGillett in Hubbard CountyGilmore in Hubbard CountyGilstad in Beltrami CountyGirl in Cass CountyGlacier in Aitkin CountyGladstone in Crow Wing CountyGleason (Main Lake) in Hennepin CountyGlen in Hennepin CountyGneiss in Cook CountyGolden in Anoka CountyGolf Course Pond in St. Louis CountyGoodners in Stearns CountyGoodrich in Crow Wing CountyGoodview in Winona CountyGoose in Carver CountyGoose in Chisago CountyGoose in Lyon CountyGoose in Washington CountyGorman in Le Sueur CountyGrace in Hubbard CountyGrace in Pine CountyGraham in Carlton CountyGraham in Otter Tail CountyGrand in St. Louis CountyGrand in Stearns CountyGranite in Wright CountyGrant in Beltrami CountyGrants in Douglas CountyGrass in Lake CountyGrass in Wright CountyGrassy in St. Louis CountyGrave in Cass CountyGrave in Crow Wing CountyGrave in Itasca CountyGreat Northern in Stearns CountyGreen in Chisago CountyGreen in Isanti CountyGreen in Kandiyohi CountyGreen Prairie Fish in Morrison CountyGreen Water in Becker CountyGreenleaf in Le Sueur CountyGreenleaf in Meeker CountyGreenstone in Lake CountyGreenwood in Cook CountyGreigs in Pine CountyGrill in Douglas CountyGrindstone in Pine CountyGrouse in Lake CountyGrove in Pope CountyGuernsey in Todd CountyGuile in Itasca CountyGull in Beltrami CountyGull in Cass CountyGull in Cook CountyGun in Aitkin CountyGun in St. Louis CountyGunflint in Cook CountyGunn in Itasca CountyGunny Sack in Itasca CountyGust in Cook CountyHafften in Hennepin CountyHale in Itasca CountyHalf Moon in Hennepin CountyHalf Moon in St. Louis CountyHalfbreed in Washington CountyHall in Martin CountyHam in Anoka CountyHam in Cook CountyHam in Hubbard CountyHam in Morrison CountyHammal in Aitkin CountyHand in Cass CountyHanging Horn in Carlton CountyHanging Kettle in Aitkin CountyHanks in Crow Wing CountyHanska in Brown CountyHanson in Aitkin CountyHardy in Cass CountyHarriet in Hennepin CountyHarris in Lake CountyHart in Itasca CountyHart in St. Louis CountyHartley in Itasca CountyHatch in Itasca CountyHattie in Cass CountyHattie in Hubbard CountyHay in Aitkin CountyHay in Carlton CountyHay in Cass CountyHay Creek Flowage in Pine CountyHayes in Roseau CountyHeight of Land in Becker CountyHeilberger in Otter Tail CountyHelen in Itasca CountyHenderson in Kandiyohi CountyHennepin in Hubbard CountyHennessy in Todd CountyHenry in Douglas CountyHeritage in St. Louis CountyHiawatha in Hennepin CountyHickory in Aitkin CountyHighlife in Lake CountyHill in Aitkin CountyHill in Aitkin CountyHill in Itasca CountyHill River in Polk CountyHills Reservoir in Rock CountyHinds in Hubbard CountyHiniker Pond in Blue Earth CountyHobo in St. Louis CountyHoff in Meeker CountyHoffman in Otter Tail CountyHolland in Dakota CountyHolman in Itasca CountyHomer in Cook CountyHomestead in Lake CountyHook in McLeod CountyHoot in Otter Tail CountyHorseshoe in Aitkin CountyHorseshoe in Cass CountyHorseshoe in Cass CountyHorseshoe in Chisago CountyHorseshoe in Crow Wing CountyHorseshoe in Hubbard CountyHorseshoe in Itasca CountyHorseshoe in Le Sueur CountyHorseshoe in St. Louis CountyHorseshoe in Stearns CountyHorseshoe in Todd CountyHorseshoe in Washington CountyHovde in Cass CountyHoward in Anoka CountyHoward in Cass CountyHoward in Wright CountyHubert in Crow Wing CountyHungry in Becker CountyHungry Jack in Cook CountyHungry Man in Becker CountyHunt in Rice CountyHydes in Carver CountyHyland in Hennepin CountyIce in Itasca CountyIce Cracking in Becker CountyIda in Becker CountyIda in Blue Earth CountyIda in Douglas CountyIda in Hubbard CountyIda in Wright CountyIda in Wright CountyIna in Douglas CountyIndependence in Hennepin CountyIndependence in Jackson CountyIndian in Douglas CountyIndian in Hubbard CountyIndian in Otter Tail CountyIndian in Pine CountyIndian in St. Louis CountyIndian in Wright CountyInguadona in Cass CountyIrene in Douglas CountyIrving in Beltrami CountyIsabella in Lake CountyIsabelle in Dakota CountyIsland in Aitkin CountyIsland in Anoka CountyIsland in Becker CountyIsland in Cass CountyIsland in Cass CountyIsland in Crow Wing CountyIsland in Crow Wing CountyIsland in Hubbard CountyIsland in Hubbard CountyIsland in Hubbard CountyIsland in Itasca CountyIsland in Itasca CountyIsland in Itasca CountyIsland in Mahnomen CountyIsland in Pine CountyIsland in Ramsey CountyIsland in St. Louis CountyIsland in Stearns CountyIsland Lake Reservoir in St. Louis CountyIsland-Loon in Crow Wing CountyItasca in Clearwater CountyIvan in Hubbard CountyJack in Cass CountyJack the Horse in Itasca CountyJackpine in Cass CountyJacobs in St. Louis CountyJail in Crow Wing CountyJames in St. Louis CountyJane in Washington CountyJanette in St. Louis CountyJay Gould in Itasca CountyJeanette in St. Louis CountyJenkins in Aitkin CountyJennie in Meeker CountyJessie in Douglas CountyJessie in Itasca CountyJewett in Otter Tail CountyJim in Otter Tail CountyJock Mock in Cook CountyJohanna in Pope CountyJohanna in Ramsey CountyJohn in Cook CountyJohn in Wright CountyJohn Reservoir in Yellow Medicine CountyJohnson in Cass CountyJohnson in Itasca CountyJohnson in Itasca CountyJohnson in Lake CountyJohnson in Otter Tail CountyJohnson in St. Louis CountyJohnson in St. Louis CountyJolly Ann in Otter Tail CountyJordan Mill in Scott CountyJorgens in St. Louis CountyJoseph in St. Louis CountyJosephine in Ramsey CountyJuggler in Becker CountyJulia in Beltrami CountyJulia in Sherburne CountyKabekona in Hubbard CountyKabetogama in St. Louis CountyKalla in Stearns CountyKalmar Reservoir (KR-3) in Olmsted CountyKane in Becker CountyKansas in Watonwan CountyKawishiwi in Lake CountyKeene in Pine CountyKego in Crow Wing CountyKeller in Dakota CountyKeller (main bay) in Ramsey CountyKelly in Cook CountyKelly in St. Louis CountyKelly & Dudley in Rice CountyKelser’s Pond in Carver CountyKelso in Cook CountyKennedy in Itasca CountyKimball in Crow Wing CountyKinbrae in Nobles CountyKing in Itasca CountyKing in St. Louis CountyKings in Stearns CountyKinogami in Cook CountyKitchi in Beltrami CountyKitigan in Lake CountyKjostad in St. Louis CountyKnaus in Stearns CountyKnife in Kanabec CountyKnife in Lake CountyKohlman in Ramsey CountyKohlmeier in Steele CountyKoop in Stearns CountyKoronis (main lake) in Stearns CountyKraemer in Stearns CountyKrans in Isanti CountyKrays in Stearns CountyKreigle in Stearns CountyKremer in Itasca CountyKroon in Chisago CountyKyrola Pond 2 in St. Louis CountyLac la Croix in St. Louis CountyLac Lavon in Dakota CountyLac Qui Parle in Lac Qui Parle CountyLady in Todd CountyLake of Isles in Itasca CountyLake of the Isles in Hennepin CountyLake of the Woods in Lake of the Woods CountyLanesboro Mill Pond in Fillmore CountyLarue Pit in Itasca CountyLaSalle in Hubbard CountyLatimer in Todd CountyLatoka in Douglas CountyLaura in Redwood CountyLawrence in Cass CountyLawrence in Itasca CountyLax in Lake CountyLe Homme Dieu in Douglas CountyLeavitt in Cass CountyLee in Clay CountyLeech in Cass CountyLeek (Trowbridge) in Otter Tail CountyLeif in Becker CountyLeighton in Itasca CountyLemay in Dakota CountyLeo in Cook CountyLeora in St. Louis CountyLester in Hubbard CountyLeven in Pope CountyLewis in Kanabec CountyLichen in Cook CountyLight Foot in Wright CountyLightning in Grant CountyLillian in Kandiyohi CountyLily in Todd CountyLily in Waseca CountyLily in Washington CountyLimestone in Wright CountyLind in Cass CountyLind Pit in Itasca CountyLindberg in Clearwater CountyLinka in Pope CountyLinwood in Anoka CountyLions in Blue Earth CountyLittle in Chisago CountyLittle Alden in St. Louis CountyLittle Armstrong in St. Louis CountyLittle Ball Bluff in Aitkin CountyLittle Ball Club in Itasca CountyLittle Bass in Cass CountyLittle Bass in Itasca CountyLittle Bass in Pine CountyLittle Bear in Itasca CountyLittle Bemidji in Becker CountyLittle Birch in Todd CountyLittle Black Hoof in Crow Wing CountyLittle Bowstring in Itasca CountyLittle Boy in Cass CountyLittle Buzzle in Beltrami CountyLittle Caribou in Cook CountyLittle Carnelian in Washington CountyLittle Cavanaugh in Itasca CountyLittle Chippewa in Douglas CountyLittle Comfort in Chisago CountyLittle Cormorant in Becker CountyLittle Coyote in St. Louis CountyLittle Cut Foot Sioux in Itasca CountyLittle Deer in Itasca CountyLittle Floyd in Becker CountyLittle Grand in St. Louis CountyLittle Grand in St. Louis CountyLittle Hanging Horn in Carlton CountyLittle Horseshoe in Chisago CountyLittle Jay Gould in Itasca CountyLittle Jessie in Itasca CountyLittle John in Cook CountyLittle Johnson in St. Louis CountyLittle Knife in Lake CountyLittle Long in Becker CountyLittle Long in Hennepin CountyLittle Long in Itasca CountyLittle Long in St. Louis CountyLittle Loon in St. Louis CountyLittle Mantrap in Hubbard CountyLittle McDonald in Otter Tail CountyLittle Moose in Itasca CountyLittle Mud in Meeker CountyLittle Mud in Pine CountyLittle O’Reilly in Itasca CountyLittle Osakis in Todd CountyLittle Pelican in Crow Wing CountyLittle Pelican in Otter Tail CountyLittle Pine in Aitkin CountyLittle Pine in Crow Wing CountyLittle Pine in Otter Tail CountyLittle Pine in Pine CountyLittle Rabbit in Crow Wing CountyLittle Rock in Benton CountyLittle Sand in Cass CountyLittle Sand in Hubbard CountyLittle Sand in Itasca CountyLittle Sand in St. Louis CountyLittle Sauk in Todd CountyLittle Sletten in St. Louis CountyLittle Spirit in Jackson CountyLittle Split Hand in Itasca CountyLittle Spring in Itasca CountyLittle Stanchfield in Isanti CountyLittle Star in Crow Wing CountyLittle Stone in St. Louis CountyLittle Sturgeon in St. Louis CountyLittle Sugar Bush in Becker CountyLittle Swan in Meeker CountyLittle Swan in Todd CountyLittle Tamarack in Pine CountyLittle Thunder in Cass CountyLittle Toad in Becker CountyLittle Trout in Itasca CountyLittle Trout in St. Louis CountyLittle Turtle in Beltrami CountyLittle Turtle in Itasca CountyLittle Vermilion in St. Louis CountyLittle Wabana in Itasca CountyLittle Waverly in Wright CountyLittle Webb in Cass CountyLittle Winnibigoshish in Itasca CountyLittle Wolf in Cass CountyLittle Woman in Cass CountyLizzie (north portion) in Otter Tail CountyLobster in Douglas CountyLocator in St. Louis CountyLocke in Wright CountyLoeb in Ramsey CountyLoiten in St. Louis CountyLomond in Clearwater CountyLone in Aitkin CountyLone in Clearwater CountyLone Pine in Otter Tail CountyLong in Aitkin CountyLong in Becker CountyLong in Beltrami CountyLong in Cass CountyLong in Cass CountyLong in Cass CountyLong in Cass CountyLong in Clearwater CountyLong in Clearwater CountyLong in Douglas CountyLong in Hennepin CountyLong in Hubbard CountyLong in Isanti CountyLong in Itasca CountyLong in Itasca CountyLong in Kandiyohi CountyLong in Kandiyohi CountyLong in Meeker CountyLong in Morrison CountyLong in Otter Tail CountyLong in Otter Tail CountyLong in Otter Tail CountyLong in Otter Tail CountyLong in Pine CountyLong in Ramsey CountyLong in Sherburne CountyLong in St. Louis CountyLong in St. Louis CountyLong in St. Louis CountyLong in St. Louis CountyLong in Stearns CountyLong in Stearns CountyLong in Stearns CountyLong in Stearns CountyLong in Stevens CountyLong in Todd CountyLong in Todd CountyLong in Todd CountyLong in Washington CountyLong in Watonwan CountyLong in Wright CountyLong (Main Bay) in Itasca CountyLong (main lake) in Otter Tail CountyLong Lost in Clearwater CountyLong Tom in Big Stone CountyLongyear in CountyLookout in Crow Wing CountyLoon in Cass CountyLoon in Cook CountyLoon in Crow Wing CountyLoon in Hubbard CountyLoon in Hubbard CountyLoon in Itasca CountyLoon in Jackson CountyLoon in St. Louis CountyLoon in St. Louis CountyLoon in Waseca CountyLory in Isanti CountyLost in St. Louis CountyLost Moose in Itasca CountyLottie in Douglas CountyLotus in Carver CountyLougee in Crow Wing CountyLouisa in Wright CountyLouise in Cass CountyLouise in Douglas CountyLouise Mill Pond in Mower CountyLove in Crow Wing CountyLow in St. Louis CountyLower (South) Island in Carlton CountyLower Balsam in Itasca CountyLower Bottle in Hubbard CountyLower Comstock in St. Louis CountyLower Cullen in Crow Wing CountyLower Elk in Grant CountyLower Hay in Crow Wing CountyLower Mission in Crow Wing CountyLower Panasa in Itasca CountyLower Prior in Scott CountyLower Sakatah in Rice CountyLower Spunk in Stearns CountyLower Sucker in Cass CountyLower Trelipe in Cass CountyLower Twin in Wadena CountyLucy in Carver CountyLura in Blue Earth CountyLydiard in Hennepin CountyLynx in St. Louis CountyMabel in Cass CountyMadison in Blue Earth CountyMahnomenAlstead Mine in Crow Wing CountyMaine (Round) in Otter Tail CountyMan in Cass CountyMandall in Chisago CountyMantrap in Hubbard CountyManuella in Meeker CountyMany Point in Becker CountyMaple in Douglas CountyMaple in Itasca CountyMaple in Polk CountyMaple in Todd CountyMaple Leaf in St. Louis CountyMarabaeuf in Cook CountyMargaret in Cass CountyMaria in Stearns CountyMaria in Stearns CountyMarie in Stearns CountyMarion in Dakota CountyMarion in McLeod CountyMarion in Otter Tail CountyMarquette in Beltrami CountyMarsh in Big Stone CountyMarshall in Becker CountyMartha in Wright CountyMartin in Anoka CountyMartin in St. Louis CountyMary in Crow Wing CountyMary in Douglas CountyMary in Hubbard CountyMary in Todd CountyMary in Wright CountyMary in Wright CountyMashkenode in St. Louis CountyMaud in Becker CountyMaxine in St. Louis CountyMay in Cass CountyMayhew in Benton CountyMayo in Crow Wing CountyMazaska in Rice CountyMcAvity in Itasca CountyMcCarrons in Ramsey CountyMcColl in Scott CountyMcCormick in Pine CountyMcCraney in Mahnomen CountyMcDonald in Cook CountyMcFarland in Cook CountyMcKinney in Itasca CountyMcMahon in Scott CountyMcQuade in St. Louis CountyMeadow in Becker CountyMedicine in Beltrami CountyMedicine in Hennepin CountyMelissa in Becker CountyMiddle in Kandiyohi CountyMiddle in Otter Tail CountyMiddle Cormorant in Becker CountyMiddle Crooked in Hubbard CountyMiddle Cullen in Crow Wing CountyMiddle Jefferson in Le Sueur CountyMiddle Leaf in Otter Tail CountyMiddle McDougal in Lake CountyMiddle Spunk in Stearns CountyMiddle Sucker in Cass CountyMidge in Hubbard CountyMill in Becker CountyMill in Douglas CountyMill in Todd CountyMill Pond in Mower CountyMille Lacs in Mille Lacs CountyMiller in Carver CountyMiller in Crow Wing CountyMills in Blue Earth CountyMiltona in Douglas CountyMina in Douglas CountyMiner’s Pit in St. Louis CountyMinerva in Clearwater CountyMinett-Kranz Reservoir in Pipestone CountyMinister in St. Louis CountyMink in Wright CountyMinnetonka in CountyMinnewashta in Carver CountyMinnewaska in Pope CountyMinnewawa in Aitkin CountyMinnie in Hubbard CountyMinnie in Stearns CountyMinnie-Belle in Meeker CountyMinnow in Clearwater CountyMirror in Itasca CountyMirror in St. Louis CountyMitawan in Lake CountyMitchell in Crow Wing CountyMitchell in Hennepin CountyMitchell in Sherburne CountyMitchell in St. Louis CountyMitten in Cass CountyMoberg in St. Louis CountyMoccasin in Cass CountyMolly Stark in Otter Tail CountyMons in Todd CountyMonson in Swift CountyMoon in Douglas CountyMoose in Beltrami CountyMoose in Beltrami CountyMoose in Carlton CountyMoose in Cook CountyMoose in Itasca CountyMoose in Itasca CountyMoose in Koochiching CountyMoose in Lake CountyMoose in St. Louis CountyMoose in St. Louis CountyMoose in Todd CountyMoose in Wright CountyMoran in Hubbard CountyMorcom in St. Louis CountyMorin in Freeborn CountyMorris in Cook CountyMoses in Douglas CountyMoss in Cook CountyMoulton in Aitkin CountyMound in Todd CountyMountain in Cook CountyMountain in Cottonwood CountyMovil in Beltrami CountyMow in Hubbard CountyMud in Crow Wing CountyMud in Kandiyohi CountyMud in Meeker CountyMud in St. Louis CountyMud in St. Louis CountyMud in Wright CountyMud in Wright CountyMukooda in St. Louis CountyMule in Cass CountyMunson in Becker CountyMurphy in Otter Tail CountyMurphy in Scott CountyMurphy in St. Louis CountyMuskrat in Becker CountyMustinka River Flowage in Grant CountyMyrtle in St. Louis CountyNagel in Hubbard CountyNamakan in St. Louis CountyNapoleon in Itasca CountyNashwauk in Itasca CountyNeander in Chisago CountyNels in St. Louis CountyNelson in Crow Wing CountyNelson in Hubbard CountyNelson in Pope CountyNest in Kandiyohi CountyNet in Pine CountyNew in Itasca CountyNewfound in Lake CountyNewton in Lake CountyNichols in St. Louis CountyNinth Crow Wing in Hubbard CountyNisswa in Crow Wing CountyNitche in Otter Tail CountyNixon in Wright CountyNo-ta-she-bun in Itasca CountyNokay in Crow Wing CountyNokomis in Hennepin CountyNoma in Itasca CountyNord in Aitkin CountyNorris in Anoka CountyNorth in Cook CountyNorth Berthiaume in Wright CountyNorth Brown’s in Stearns CountyNorth Center Lake in Chisago CountyNorth Fowl in Cook CountyNorth Lida in Otter Tail CountyNorth Lindstrom in Chisago CountyNorth Long in Crow Wing CountyNorth McDougal in Lake CountyNorth Stanchfield in Isanti CountyNorth Star in Itasca CountyNorth Sunrise Pool in Chisago CountyNorth Tamarack in Becker CountyNorth Ten Mile in Otter Tail CountyNorth Turtle in Otter Tail CountyNorth Twin in Beltrami CountyNorth Twin in Itasca CountyNorth Twin in Mahnomen CountyNorth Twin in St. Louis CountyNorth Twin in Wright CountyNorth Union in Douglas CountyNorthern Light in Cook CountyNorway in Cass CountyNorway in Kandiyohi CountyNorway in Otter Tail CountyO’Brien in Crow Wing CountyO’Brien Reservoir in Itasca CountyO’Dowd in Scott CountyO’Leary in Itasca CountyO’Leary in St. Louis CountyO’Reilly in Itasca CountyOak in Carver CountyOak in Pine CountyOchotto in Stearns CountyOjibway in Lake CountyOkabena in Nobles CountyOkamanpeedan in Martin CountyOle in St. Louis CountyOliver in Swift CountyOlson in Washington CountyOne Pine in St. Louis CountyOrange in Itasca CountyOrchard in Dakota CountyOrono in Sherburne CountyOrwell in Otter Tail CountyOsakis in Todd CountyOscar in Douglas CountyOssawinnamakee in Crow Wing CountyOtter in Anoka CountyOtter in McLeod CountyOtter in Otter Tail CountyOtter in Stearns CountyOtter Tail in Otter Tail CountyOtter Tail River (Red R.) in Otter Tail CountyOttertrack in Lake CountyOtto in St. Louis CountyOwasso in Ramsey CountyOwen in Itasca CountyOwl in Hubbard CountyOx Hide in Itasca CountyOx Yoke in Cass CountyOyster in St. Louis CountyOzawindib in Clearwater CountyPage in Stevens CountyPaine in Hubbard CountyPalmer in Hubbard CountyParent in Lake CountyPark in Carlton CountyParkers in Hennepin CountyParley in Carver CountyPassenger in Pine CountyPaul in Otter Tail CountyPearl in Becker CountyPearl in Jackson CountyPearl in Stearns CountyPeavy in Morrison CountyPebble in Otter Tail CountyPelican in Crow Wing CountyPelican in Grant CountyPelican in Otter Tail CountyPelican in Pope CountyPelican in St. Louis CountyPelican in Stearns CountyPelican in Wright CountyPeltier in Anoka CountyPennington in Kanabec CountyPennington Mine in Crow Wing CountyPepin in Goodhue CountyPepin in Todd CountyPerch in Becker CountyPerch in Crow Wing CountyPerch in Lincoln CountyPerch in Polk CountyPerch in St. Louis CountyPerkins in Stevens CountyPeterson in Cook CountyPeterson in Itasca CountyPetit in Hubbard CountyPeysenske in Hubbard CountyPfeiffer in St. Louis CountyPhalen in Ramsey CountyPhelps in Rice CountyPickerel in Aitkin CountyPickerel in Becker CountyPickerel in Clearwater CountyPickerel in Dakota CountyPickerel in Hubbard CountyPickerel in Itasca CountyPickerel in Lake CountyPickerel in Otter Tail CountyPickerel in Otter Tail CountyPickerel in Pine CountyPickerel in Sherburne CountyPicket in St. Louis CountyPiersons in Carver CountyPierz in Morrison CountyPig in Crow Wing CountyPike in Cook CountyPike in Hennepin CountyPike in Lake CountyPike in Ramsey CountyPike in St. Louis CountyPike Bay in Cass CountyPillager in Cass CountyPimushe in Beltrami CountyPine in Aitkin CountyPine in Cass CountyPine in Clearwater CountyPine in Cook CountyPine in Cook CountyPine in Crow Wing CountyPine in Morrison CountyPine in St. Louis CountyPine in Stearns CountyPine Island in Todd CountyPine Lawn in Mower CountyPine Mountain in Cass CountyPine Tree in Washington CountyPioneer in St. Louis CountyPit in Cook CountyPitts in Dakota CountyPitts in Stearns CountyPlacid in Morrison CountyPlantagenet in Hubbard CountyPlatte in Crow Wing CountyPleasant in Cass CountyPleasant in Otter Tail CountyPleasant in Ramsey CountyPleasant in Scott CountyPleasant in St. Louis CountyPleasant in Stearns CountyPleasant in Wright CountyPocket in Douglas CountyPoint in Kandiyohi CountyPointon in Crow Wing CountyPokegama in Itasca CountyPokegama in Pine CountyPolly in Lake CountyPomerleau in Hennepin CountyPomme de Terre in Grant CountyPomroy in Kanabec CountyPonto in Cass CountyPoplar in Cook CountyPoplar in Itasca CountyPoplar in Polk CountyPopowski in Lincoln CountyPortage in Aitkin CountyPortage in Cass CountyPortage in Cass CountyPortage in Cass CountyPortage in Crow Wing CountyPortage in Crow Wing CountyPortage in Hubbard CountyPortage (main bay) in Otter Tail CountyPorter Reservoir in Lincoln CountyPortsmouth Mine in Crow Wing CountyPotato in Hubbard CountyPowderhorn in Hennepin CountyPowers in Washington CountyPrairie in Itasca CountyPrairie in Otter Tail CountyPrairie in St. Louis CountyPrairieview in Dakota CountyPreston in Renville CountyPughole in Itasca CountyPulaski in Wright CountyPurvis in St. Louis CountyQuamba in Kanabec CountyQuigley in Dakota CountyQuill in St. Louis CountyR4 in Yellow Medicine CountyR6 in Yellow Medicine CountyRabbit in Aitkin CountyRabbit (East Portion) in Crow Wing CountyRabbit (West Portion) in Crow Wing CountyRabideau in Beltrami CountyRabour in Chisago CountyRachel in Douglas CountyRaddison in Itasca CountyRainy in St. Louis CountyRamsey in Wright CountyRamsey Mill Pond in Mower CountyRat in Aitkin CountyRay in Cass CountyRays in Le Sueur CountyRazor in Pine CountyRebecca in Dakota CountyRebecca in Hennepin CountyRed (Upper Red) in Beltrami CountyRed Lake River Reservoir in Pennington CountyRed Rock in Cook CountyRed Rock in Douglas CountyRed Rock in Hennepin CountyRed Sand in Crow Wing CountyReeds in Waseca CountyReitz in Carver CountyReno in Pope CountyRice in Cass CountyRice in Cook CountyRice in Crow Wing CountyRice in Hennepin CountyRice in Itasca CountyRice in Itasca CountyRice in Rice CountyRice in Stearns CountyRice in Wright CountyRichardson in Meeker CountyRiley in Carver CountyRingo in Kandiyohi CountyRipley (west portion) in Meeker CountyRipple in Aitkin CountyRiverpointe in Carver CountyRoberds in Rice CountyRock in Aitkin CountyRock in Becker CountyRock in Wright CountyRoemhildts in Le Sueur CountyRog in Cook CountyRogers in Crow Wing CountyRogers in Dakota CountyRoosevelt in Cass CountyRose in Otter Tail CountyRose in Otter Tail CountyRoss in Crow Wing CountyRossier in Stearns CountyRossman in Becker CountyRound in Aitkin CountyRound in Aitkin CountyRound in Aitkin CountyRound in Aitkin CountyRound in Becker CountyRound in Cook CountyRound in Crow Wing CountyRound in Douglas CountyRound in Hennepin CountyRound in Hubbard CountyRound in Itasca CountyRound in Itasca CountyRound in Jackson CountyRound in Morrison CountyRound in Morrison CountyRound in Morrison CountyRound in Otter Tail CountyRound in Otter Tail CountyRound in Otter Tail CountyRound in Sherburne CountyRound in Wright CountyRoy in Crow Wing CountyRoy in Mahnomen CountyRuby in Itasca CountyRusch in Otter Tail CountyRush in Otter Tail CountyRush in Pine CountyRush in Sherburne CountyRush Island in Itasca CountyRush-Hen in Crow Wing CountyRushmeyer in Crow Wing CountyRuth in Crow Wing CountyRyan in Hennepin CountySabre in Le Sueur CountySagamore Mine in Crow Wing CountySaganaga (1-7) – MN in Cook CountySagatagan in Stearns CountySallie in Becker CountySalo in St. Louis CountySanborn in Cass CountySand in Becker CountySand in Cass CountySand in Cass CountySand in Itasca CountySand in Itasca CountySand in Itasca CountySand in Pine CountySand in St. Louis CountySand in Stearns CountySand Point in St. Louis CountySandpit in Lake CountySandy in Beltrami CountySandy in Beltrami CountySandy in Sherburne CountySarah in Hennepin CountySarah in Polk CountySargent in Mahnomen CountySauer in Becker CountySauk in Todd CountySavanna in Aitkin CountySawbill in Cook CountyScalp in Otter Tail CountyScandinavian in Pope CountySchelins in St. Louis CountySchneider in Stearns CountySchool Section in Stearns CountySchoolcraft in Hubbard CountySchubert in St. Louis CountyScooty in Itasca CountyScott in Wright CountySea Gull in Cook CountySebie in Crow Wing CountySecond Crow Wing in Hubbard CountySection Fourteen in St. Louis CountySection Ten in Aitkin CountySection Twelve in Aitkin CountySection Twelve in Lake CountySeretha in Koochiching CountySerpent in Crow Wing CountySeventeen in Isanti CountySeventh Crow Wing in Hubbard CountySewell in Otter Tail CountyShagawa in St. Louis CountyShakopee in Mille Lacs CountyShallow in Hubbard CountyShallow in Itasca CountyShallow in Otter Tail CountyShallow Pond in Itasca CountyShamineau in Morrison CountyShamrock in Itasca CountyShamrock in Lake CountyShamrock Impoundment in Houston CountySheldon in Wright CountyShell in Becker CountyShell in St. Louis CountySheriff in Aitkin CountyShields in Rice CountyShields in Washington CountyShipman in Becker CountyShipman Bass in St. Louis CountyShirt in Crow Wing CountyShoal in Itasca CountyShoko in Cook CountyShoper-Bush Reservoir in Cottonwood CountySibley in Crow Wing CountySide in St. Louis CountySieverson in Becker CountySignalness in Pope CountySilver in Cass CountySilver in Clay CountySilver in McLeod CountySilver in Olmsted CountySilver in Otter Tail CountySilver in St. Louis CountySilver in Wright CountySilver (East) in Ramsey CountySilver (West) in Ramsey CountySilver Crk Reservoir SR-2 in Olmsted CountySioux in Itasca CountySiseebakwet in Itasca CountySissabagamah in Aitkin CountySisseton in Martin CountySix in Otter Tail CountySix Mile in Cass CountySixth Crow Wing in Hubbard CountySkogman in Isanti CountySkull in Lake CountySkunk in Hubbard CountySlate in Lake CountySleepy Eye in Brown CountySletten in St. Louis CountySlim in St. Louis CountySmetana in Hennepin CountySmith in Crow Wing CountySmith in Douglas CountySmith in Itasca CountySmith in St. Louis CountySnail in Ramsey CountySnaptail in Itasca CountySnelling in Hennepin CountySnider in Mahnomen CountySnowball in Itasca CountySnowbank in Lake CountySomers in Wright CountySouth Ackerman in Itasca CountySouth Center in Chisago CountySouth Farm in Lake CountySouth Fork in Houston CountySouth Fowl in Cook CountySouth Lida in Otter Tail CountySouth Lindstrom in Chisago CountySouth Long in Crow Wing CountySouth Mound Springs in Rock CountySouth School Section in Washington CountySouth Silver in Martin CountySouth Stanchfield in Isanti CountySouth Sturgeon in Itasca CountySouth Sugar in Itasca CountySouth Sunrise Pool in Chisago CountySouth Turtle in Otter Tail CountySouth Twin in Becker CountySouth Twin in Beltrami CountySouth Twin in Itasca CountySouth Twin in Mahnomen CountySouth Twin in St. Louis CountySouth Twin in Wright CountySpearhead in Hubbard CountySpectacle in Isanti CountySpider in Cass CountySpider in Chisago CountySpider in Hubbard CountySpider in Itasca CountySpirit in Aitkin CountySpirit in Wadena CountySpitzer in Otter Tail CountySplit Hand in Itasca CountySplit Rock Reservoir in Pipestone CountySpoon in Ramsey CountySpring in Anoka CountySpring in Itasca CountySpring in Meeker CountySpring in Polk CountySpring in Scott CountySpring in St. Louis CountySpring in St. Louis CountySpurzem in Hennepin CountySquare in Washington CountySt. Anna in Stearns CountySt. Anthony Falls Pool in Hennepin CountySt. Croix-Stlwtr/Prescott in Washington CountySt. James in Watonwan CountySt. Joe in Carver CountySt. Louis River Estuary in St. Louis CountySt. Mary’s in St. Louis CountySt. Olaf in Waseca CountyStahl’s in McLeod CountyStalker in Otter Tail CountyStanchfield in Morrison CountyStanton in Pine CountyStar in Crow Wing CountyStar in Meeker CountyStar in Otter Tail CountyStar in Todd CountyStaring in Hennepin CountyStark in Crow Wing CountySteamboat in Cass CountySteele in Le Sueur CountySteiger in Carver CountyStella in Meeker CountyStevens in Cass CountyStewart in Crow Wing CountyStingy in Itasca CountyStocking in Hubbard CountyStocking in Wadena CountyStony in Cass CountyStony in Douglas CountyStowe in Douglas CountyStraight in Becker CountyStrand in St. Louis CountyStrandness in Pope CountyStrawberry in Becker CountyStuart in Otter Tail CountyStump in Beltrami CountySturgeon in Pine CountySturgeon in St. Louis CountySucker in Itasca CountySucker in Lake CountySucker in Ramsey CountySugar in Aitkin CountySugar in Cass CountySugar in Itasca CountySugar in Wright CountySullivan in Morrison CountySullivan in Wright CountySummit in Cottonwood CountySummit in Murray CountySunfish in Cook CountySunfish in Le Sueur CountySunken in Itasca CountySunrise in Chisago CountySunset in Aitkin CountySunset in Dakota CountySunset in St. Louis CountySunset in Washington CountySurprise in Lake CountySusan in Carver CountySwan in Cook CountySwan in Itasca CountySwan in McLeod CountySwan in Otter Tail CountySwartout in Wright CountySwede in Carver CountySwenson in Beltrami CountySwenson in Kandiyohi CountySwift in Cass CountySybil in Otter Tail CountySylvan in Cass CountySylvan in Cass CountySylvan in Morrison CountySylvan in Yellow Medicine CountySylvia in Stearns CountyTadd/Unnamed (Upper) in Kandiyohi CountyTaft in Hennepin CountyTakucmich in St. Louis CountyTalcot in Cottonwood CountyTamarac in Otter Tail CountyTamarack in Carlton CountyTamarack in Pine CountyTanners in Washington CountyTaylor in Aitkin CountyTen Mile in Cass CountyTen Mile in Otter Tail CountyTenter in Otter Tail CountyTenth Crow Wing in Hubbard CountyTetonka in Le Sueur CountyTeufer in Koochiching CountyThird Crow Wing in Hubbard CountyThirteen in Cass CountyThistledew in Itasca CountyThole in Scott CountyThomas in Dakota CountyThomas in Lake CountyThompson in Dakota CountyThompson in Grant CountyThompson in Meeker CountyThompson in St. Louis CountyThomson Reservoir in Carlton CountyThornton in Aitkin CountyThree Island in Beltrami CountyThree Island in Cass CountyThree Island in Itasca CountyThunder in Cass CountyThunder in Todd CountyTioga Mine Pit in Itasca CountyToad in Becker CountyToe in St. Louis CountyTomato in Cook CountyTonseth in Otter Tail CountyTorch Light in Carlton CountyTown in Becker CountyTown Line in Cass CountyTownline in Aitkin CountyTownline in Aitkin CountyTraverse in Traverse CountyTrestle in Itasca CountyTriangle in Lake CountyTrident in Lake CountyTrillium in Cass CountyTripp in Hubbard CountyTrout in Crow Wing CountyTrout in Itasca CountyTrout in Itasca CountyTrout in St. Louis CountyTulaby in Mahnomen CountyTurner in Crow Wing CountyTurtle in Becker CountyTurtle in Beltrami CountyTurtle in Douglas CountyTurtle in Itasca CountyTurtle in Ramsey CountyTurtle in Todd CountyTurtle River in Beltrami CountyTwelve in Pine CountyTwenty in Hubbard CountyTwenty-One in Hubbard CountyTwenty-one in Otter Tail CountyTwin in Hennepin CountyTwin in Itasca CountyTwin in Otter Tail CountyTwin in Ramsey CountyTwin in Sherburne CountyTwin in St. Louis CountyTwo Deer in Lake CountyTwo Inlets in Becker CountyTwo Island in Cook CountyTwo Rivers in Stearns CountyTypo in Isanti CountyU.S. Lock & Dam #1 Pool in Hennepin CountyU.S. Lock & Dam #2 Pool in Dakota CountyU.S. Lock & Dam #3 Pool in Goodhue CountyU.S. Lock & Dam #5 Pool in Wabasha CountyU.S. Lock & Dam #5A Pool in Winona CountyU.S. Lock & Dam #6 Pool in Winona CountyU.S. Lock & Dam #7 Pool in Winona CountyU.S. Lock & Dam #9 Pool in Houston CountyUnion in Douglas CountyUnion in Polk CountyUnion in Rice CountyUnion in Wright CountyUnnamed in Big Stone CountyUnnamed in Dakota CountyUnnamed in Dakota CountyUnnamed in Dakota CountyUnnamed in Dodge CountyUnnamed in Faribault CountyUnnamed in Otter Tail CountyUnnamed in Otter Tail CountyUnnamed in Polk CountyUnnamed in Scott CountyUnnamed (City Hall) in Dakota CountyUnnamed (Florian Pk Res.) in Marshall CountyUnnamed (Grace) in Carver CountyUnnamed (Gun Club) in Dakota CountyUnnamed (Hallett) in Nicollet CountyUnnamed (Hartley Pond) in St. Louis CountyUnnamed (Heine Pond) in Dakota CountyUnnamed (Hogback Ridge) in Hennepin CountyUnnamed (Lakefront) in Scott CountyUnnamed (North Star) in Ramsey CountyUnnamed (O’Brien Res. #4) in Itasca CountyUnnamed (Quarterline) in St. Louis CountyUnnamed (Ravine) in Washington CountyUnnamed (Schwanz) in Dakota CountyUnnamed (Section 6 Mine) in Crow Wing CountyUnnamed (Simley) in Dakota CountyUnnamed (Valley) in Dakota CountyUnnamed(Cenaiko) in Anoka CountyUpper (North) Island in Carlton CountyUpper Bottle in Hubbard CountyUpper Comstock in St. Louis CountyUpper Cormorant in Becker CountyUpper Cullen in Crow Wing CountyUpper Dean in Crow Wing CountyUpper Gull in Cass CountyUpper Hay in Crow Wing CountyUpper Maple in Wright CountyUpper Mission in Crow Wing CountyUpper Pine in Pine CountyUpper Prior in Scott CountyUpper Sakatah in Le Sueur CountyUpper South Long in Crow Wing CountyUpper Sucker in Cass CountyUpper Trelipe in Cass CountyUpper Twin in Hubbard CountyVails in Stearns CountyVanduse in Aitkin CountyVenoah in Carlton CountyVermilion in St. Louis CountyVermilion River in St. Louis CountyVermillion in Cass CountyVermont in Douglas CountyVern in Cook CountyVernon in Cook CountyVictoria in Douglas CountyVillard in Pope CountyVirginia in Carver CountyVirginia in St. Louis CountyVolney in Le Sueur CountyWabana in Itasca CountyWabasso in Ramsey CountyWabedo in Cass CountyWaboose in Becker CountyWaboose in Hubbard CountyWaconia in Carver CountyWakanda in Kandiyohi CountyWakefield in Aitkin CountyWakefield in Ramsey CountyWalker in Otter Tail CountyWalker Brook in Clearwater CountyWall in Otter Tail CountyWampus in Cook CountyWar Club in St. Louis CountyWarner in Stearns CountyWashburn in Cass CountyWashington in Le Sueur CountyWashington in Meeker CountyWashington in Wright CountyWassermann in Carver CountyWasson in Itasca CountyWatab in Stearns CountyWaukenabo in Aitkin CountyWaverly in Wright CountyWeaver in Hennepin CountyWebb in Cass CountyWebster in Beltrami CountyWelch in Cass CountyWellner-Hageman Reservoir in Brown CountyWells in Rice CountyWest Battle in Otter Tail CountyWest Boot in Washington CountyWest Crooked in Hubbard CountyWest Fox in Crow Wing CountyWest Hunter in Sherburne CountyWest Jefferson in Le Sueur CountyWest Lake Sylvia in Wright CountyWest Leaf in Otter Tail CountyWest Lost in Otter Tail CountyWest McDonald in Otter Tail CountyWest Moore in Anoka CountyWest Olaf in Otter Tail CountyWest Pike in Cook CountyWest Rush in Chisago CountyWest Silent in Otter Tail CountyWest Sturgeon in St. Louis CountyWest Twin in Crow Wing CountyWest Twin in St. Louis CountyWhaletail in Hennepin CountyWhipple in Crow Wing CountyWhiskey in Douglas CountyWhisper in St. Louis CountyWhite in Freeborn CountyWhite in St. Louis CountyWhite Bear in Washington CountyWhite Earth in Becker CountyWhite Iron in St. Louis CountyWhite Sand in Crow Wing CountyWhite Swan in Itasca CountyWhitefish in Crow Wing CountyWhitefish in Crow Wing CountyWhitefish in Itasca CountyWhitewater in St. Louis CountyWidow in Cass CountyWilkins in Aitkin CountyWilliams in Hubbard CountyWillie in Meeker CountyWillmar in Kandiyohi CountyWillow in Ramsey CountyWillow Reservoir 4 in Olmsted CountyWilson in Cass CountyWilson in Itasca CountyWilson in St. Louis CountyWimer in Otter Tail CountyWinchester in St. Louis CountyWind in Lake CountyWindigo in Beltrami CountyWinnibigoshish in Cass CountyWinona in Douglas CountyWinona in Winona CountyWinsted in McLeod CountyWirth in Hennepin CountyWolf in Beltrami CountyWolf in Meeker CountyWolf in Otter Tail CountyWolf in St. Louis CountyWolf in St. Louis CountyWolfe Park in Hennepin CountyWoman in Cass CountyWood in Lyon CountyWood in Yellow Medicine CountyWood Park in Dakota CountyWR6A Pond in Olmsted CountyWright in Otter Tail CountyYankton in Lyon CountyZumbra-Sunny in Carver CountyZumbro in Olmsted CountyZumwalde in Stearns County


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