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Bowfishing Bows

If you’re looking to get into backwater bowfishing or need to replace some equipment, these bowfishing bows are a great place to start. Made of durable, water-resistant materials, each bow in this selection is designed to handle tough conditions, and some can even be broken down into separate parts for easy storage and transportation. Look through the starter kits in this selection to find bows that come with finger protection, laser sights and replacement strings.

Bowfishing Reels

Use powerful bowfishing reels to bring the catch in once your shot finds its target. These reels can be adjusted based on the bow style or user handedness, and often feature a switch-activation system to make it clear when the reel is ready to use.

Bowfishing Arrows

These bowfishing arrows and tips are specially designed to help ensure a solid grip for a successful catch. Think about the fish you plan on catching and choose from a wide variety of colors, sizes and tip styles to find the best fit for your purposes.

Bowfishing Lights

For those early morning or late night outings, these bowfishing flashlights can come in handy. They can be attached to a bow and help provide visibility for spotting fish in low-light conditions.


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